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Learning Solutions

EDUCLO with its digital platform for students, teachers and education providers. It is a one-stop shop for education industry. With our apps and its features expanding towards one stop shop, the opportunities to improve efficiency and effectiveness are endless.

  • Learning Room Management

    A Classroom with chalk and duster has become a thing of past. Now, teachers have a smart classroom, which is: Interactive – With a whiteboard, mike, and speaker for communication, projector for presentations, and Cameras to record sessions for future usage Collaborative. – With features like audio/ video/recording/broadcasting, students from different campuses interacting with each other while sitting in their respective classes. Accessible – Teachers can access multimedia content and information that can be used for teaching students more effectively.

  • Virtual Classroom

    With the adoption of the multi-site model by corporate and departments, the collaboration between different locations is increasing. Today, many corporate have tie ups with foreign universities. Hence, educational institutes are looking for cost-effective methods to connect different corporate locations. Live training let teachers from one site to interact with learners in other sites.

  • Online Examination

    This solution eliminates all the hassles of conducting examinations. Not only it let you automate examination but also offers you an excellent way of assessment. This solution helps you reduce the paper cost involved in printing question papers and answer sheets.

  • Class Video and Audio File Editing

    EDUCLO support team helps to edit video files, voice files and provide service to index elements, content to make a training package.

  • EDUCLO Production Service

    Request our production team to setup education recording sessions, which will enable your training offering to go digital to enable on EDUCLO platform.

  • Setup Digital Equipment Services

    While you focus on your core competency, EDUCLO support services help you to setup your recording center to intently enable your teacher’s content recording center.

  • Hire a Digital Trainer

    While you want to expand your training offering into various competencies or a specific course your client is after, you could check our education teachers database to hire and start digital training course.

  • Self Service Learning

    Learn on demand from EDUCLO network of educators and the content can be accessed from anywhere anytime from any device.

EDUCLO Platform

The world's emerging web-based training community, the EDUCLO Network is where you can discover, connect, collaborate with learners globally for professional development and manage training lifecycle by using apps for enrollments needs, online training, and billing, invoicing and competency management. We can also integrate and extend your backend systems into the cloud; you can manage and optimize your customer relationship through EDUCLO one stop shop platform. EDUCLO platform also enables you to access learner’s requirements at the right time.

When you need help with deployment, adoption, and ongoing performance of EDUCLO solutions, EDUCLO commerce services will assist. With agility, experience, and reach, expert professionals around the World, speaking your language, offer business analysis, technology, and market analysis to make sure you have the capability you need to drive your online learning business unit returns higher through lower cost, higher sales, and optimized cash flow. EDUCLO best practice center of excellence provides you with the access to process expertise to help achieve better results and enduring enablement from your Software as service solutions.

Project based strategic consulting and technical consulting services with strategic planning, technical implementations, testing, content Development, solutions validation. Help desk support services provide Scalable support hours and access to online knowledge base. We can help in assisting in education course creation, formation and validation.

The e-commerce capability gives you everything you need to access, respond to, and manage online saleprocesses, all in one place. Operating from a one-stop platform, you can tie together requirements, catalogand billing management to encourage morecollaboration with all of your online students.This will bring down costs, while ensuring full visibility into orders, changes and approvals. Quicker responses learners will not delay either.

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